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Congratulations Graduates!
Congratulations Graduates!
Ruby Green '10
We have the power to make change.  Use your gift wisely!
Jennifer Richardson '09
I wake up every day proud to be a lawyer.
Rosa Maria Celeste '08
You truly need to give it your all every single day.
Bev Brown '07
Do not compare yourself to others.
Megan Kelley '14
Do not be afraid to move forward in the direction of your dream, even if your dream is an intimidating and often scary one.
Jansen Balisi '14
When I envision a Coastal memory, I see a collage of people who inspired me and events that shaped me to be the person I am today. 
Michael Dear '08
One of my proudest professional moments is becoming a partner with my firm.
Rochelle Williams '15
Attend law school because you are passionate about it, learn as much as possible and stay focused.
Maite Garcia '12 <br> Tampa, FL
Make sure you want to practice law before going to law school.