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Maite Garcia '12 <br> Miami, FL
Make sure you want to practice law before going to law school.
Jennifer Richardson '09 <br> Jacksonville, FL
I wake up every day proud to be a lawyer.
Ruby Green '10 <br> Ft. Lauderdale, FL
We have the power to make change.  Use your gift wisely!
Rosa Maria Celeste '08 <br> New York City, NY
You truly need to give it your all every single day.
Bev Brown '07 <br> Jacksonville, FL
Do not compare yourself to others.
Megan Kelley '14 <br> Atlantic Beach, FL
Do not be afraid to move forward in the direction of your dream, even if your dream is an intimidating and often scary one.
Michael Dear '08 <br> Orlando, FL
One of my proudest professional moments is becoming a partner with my firm.
Jansen Balisi '14 <br> Macon, GA
When I envision a Coastal memory, I see a collage of people who inspired me and events that shaped me to be the person I am today. 
Rochelle Williams '15 <br> Washington,D.C.
Attend law school because you are passionate about it, learn as much as possible and stay focused.